• Login

    We do a lot to make a simple login. So we automatically obtain the parameters of your mailbox. This works for nearly all mailboxes – not only for the big providers – but in some cases this may fail because there is no accepted unique mechanism for this. If this is the case, you get an error message – please contact us with this message or ask your provider for the settings of your mailbox (If you have problems to read your office-Mail: Make sure that your mailbox is accessible not only in the corporate network, but on the Internet).
    If you want your costumers to have fast access to this system please specify SRV-Records as described in RFC 6186

  • Browser compatibility

    Emailshuttle completely supports all modern browsers based on Chromium (WebKit) in Desktop or mobile Version:

    Javascript has to be activated in all browsers! This is the case by default in all browsers.
    Cookies are necessary only for controlling your session (Session-Cookie).

  • International character encoding

    An Unicode character encoding is needed for correct presentation of international character sets
    If you have not installed this character encoding and notice characters missing in the presentation of international characters (rectangles or question marks), please install the Unicode character encoding for your operating system or install the language the mail is written in.

  • Provider restrictions

    Some providers do not allow free access to their mailboxes.
    Some will restrict you only to specific countries.
    This service is located in Germany, so please make sure you are allowd to access your mails from within Germany.


  • With which providers can Emailshuttle be used? Emailshuttle works with all providers that offer an IMAP mailbox which can be checked via the Internet. That is almost all providers.
  • How does Emailshuttle differ from other providers? Emailshuttle works in real time with your e-mails. It behaves like a mail client using IMAP. All mails that you read at Emailshuttle are retrieved from your mail server and displayed in real time. The speed of the system is provided by internal caches, data bases and a sophisticated programmed system. Emailshuttle shows the current contents of your mailbox without the use of collection or the like. The advantage of this system compared to other web mail systems is that almost all mailboxes can be managed via Emailshuttle.
  • The login to Emailshuttle is not working. I’m getting the message that you could not identify me. The message that we could not identify you, may have different causes:
    1. The password or username is incorrect.
    2. Your booking period or your trial period has expired.
    To set a new password for Emailshuttle, please read: My password does not work/I forgot my password.
  • The password does not work/I forgot my password. If your password for Emailshuttle does not work, you are able to log in with your email address and the password for this mailbox, even if you have changes the password for your mailbox (As long as you don’t turn off ‚Login with email-address/Password‘ in the settings).
  • The password for my eMail address has changed. Please log in using your complete email-address and the new password for your mailbox.
    This also works in cases where the password has changed in the meantime.
  • I frequently get the message „External data sources were blocked for security reasons“ and cannot see any pictures. What does that mean? Emailshuttle blocks all data not directly included in the mail by default. In particular pictures that are not directly embedded in the mail (inline), but are fetched from the Internet, may not necessarily pose a high security risk. For example external counters or other things are hidden behind pictures that tell the sender of the mail whether the mail has been read and by whom. (See also: How can I protect myself against commercial advertising?)
  • How can I check directly whether a mail has been sent? Your SMTP-server is detected automatically and if there are problems with it, your mails are sent through our own server. If you need even more control you cn send yourself a blind copy of the mail. This is completely invisible for the recipient.
  • How long does it take to send a mail? Mails written with Emailshuttle are sent immediately. The transfer time, however, depends on several factors like the size of the mail. Furthermore spam filters can delay the delivery of the mail. A mail sent by Emailshuttle, which cannot be delivered immediately, is held in the mail queue for several days and delivery is tried repeatedly. The mailer daemon will inform you of the status of the delivery attempts in case of occurring errors.
  • Whenever I send a mail to several addresses I get a message from the mailer daemon. More recipients means more sources of error. The mail has been sent to all addresses, but at least one address was not available.Please check the list of addresses for invalid mail addresses (typo?). The mailer daemon will tell you which address could not be delivered. All other addresses are not affected and have received your mail. Mails to a certain address are not accepted. If the addresses of your mail uses a very sharp spam filter, a mail sent via Emailshuttle may be regarded as spam, because the sender address (that means your mail address) is not identical to the sending server. Please, approach the addresses to solve that problem. Tell him/her, that Emailshuttle is not the only service where sender address and server are not identical (other examples: Gmail, T-Online).
  • I have deleted a mail by mistake, how can I recover it? With POP3 there is no way to retrieve deleted mails. With IMAP you find the deleted mail in the folder: Trash. You can copy it back from the trash to the inbox.
  • I can only see the current mails when using POP3. Please use IMAP. POP3 is outdated! When using POP3 all mails are retrieved from your mail server and deleted according to the standard settings of your mail client. You can view older mails, if you change the standard settings of your mail client: Outlook Express, Thunderbird Office, Outlook, Apple Mail. Please note, that your mailbox only has a restricted size normally. You should not set the period too long, because your mailbox will overflow“.
  • My mailbox does not accept any more mails. Your mailbox is most likely full! Please, check how much storage space your provider gives to you and delete older mails. .
  • How can I protect myself against spam? The best protection against spam is to delete all mails with unknown, dubious or unsound contents! Furthermore you should not open external data of suggestive mails, should there be any. Emailshuttle protects your privacy by using a built-in spam and virus protetion.
    You should not comply with the frequent request to remove your own address! Unknown senders are usually masked „neutrally“ to appear trustworthy. Sometimes your own address or those of your friends are used.
  • How can I protect myself against commercial advertising? Email marketing has been one of the fastest growing fields of the Internet for years. You can be sure that everything you do in a commercial mail will be collected in data bases. The opening of such a mail is recorded and evaluated via the external pictures (in the form of opening rates). Each link of such mails leads through link-tracking or click-through systems, which enable the clicks to be tracked back to you. Your best protection against such practices and against further mails is not to look at pictures in commercial mails and not to click on links of these mails, as all this is evaluated for targeted advertising. You can be sure, that a click on a music ad leads to further mails from the music sector.If you are against advertising, you should never follow the advice at the beginning of such mails. This usually says „Is this mail not properly displayed? Click here“. Again, this link will lead to a site, in which your behavior is thoroughly documented. Its purpose is not to avoid supposed faults in your mail client; instead it tries to cancel the protection measures of mail clients (like the blocking of external pictures). If you are against advertising, you should never give your eMail address on commercial sites. A free-of-charge mailbox with a large mail provider financed by advertising is useful in these cases. Get yourself such an address and give that when you are not sure about the use of your mail address.

For further assistance please contact or call us at phone number +49 (0)2378 8859910.